Boho Centerpiece

Boho Centerpiece

A great piece to spruce up your favorite spot at home or in the office! Since wood flowers last a long time, little to no maintenance is needed for these arrangements. We also create looks that you can display all year round!


    Since we can't give our customers assurance that centerpieces will be received intact due to shipping, some centerpieces including this item, are only available for pick-up.


    • All flowers are made of wood shavings. Wood flowers are made from soft balsa wood and tapioca shavings. In their natural state, they are an ivory/cream. We dye them with different colors and can be customized according to customer's preferences. Even though the flowers are made from wood, they are actually quite soft and natural-looking.
    • Since each flower is handmade no two flowers are exactly the same and natural variation will occur.
    •  Due to their nature, there may be some slight imperfections to each piece, but that's what makes them look and feel more natural!
    • These pieces are resilient and can last forever with proper care and storage. Keep away from direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to liquid and moisture
    • Handle these delicate flowers with care to keep them looking beautiful
    • Add essential oil drops every 2- 3weeks.